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You Need an Experienced Attorney at Your Side

You Need an Experienced Attorney at Your Side

Our team of six attorneys have collectively amassed tens of thousands of hours representing clients, in and out of court, to resolve important issues including family law matters, divorce, DUI defense, criminal defense and personal injury claims.

Knowing the law is one thing. Knowing how to leverage the law, with relevance to the facts of the case, is yet another. We carefully analyze every case, and then create a legal strategy and appropriate tactics to affect favorable results. personal injury lawyers

Our law firm, and attorneys, have a solid reputation as top litigators that gets favorable results for our clients. Our skills, and professional relationships with prosecutors and judges, allow us to better manage every aspect of a client’s case.

Hire A Specialist
While our law firm specializes in several areas of practice, our attorneys have highly specialized individual skills and experience within these areas. When you hire our firm, you get the advantages of having an attorney that specializes in the area of law which concerns your case, and the advantages of a multi-attorney firm which allows for collaboration and support. Being specialists, we provide top notch representation in any state court or Federal court.

We are a local law firm which you can rely on to put their best strengths behind you whether it requires the skills of one attorney or the entire team effort of the six attorneys. Unlike solo practice attorneys, you can call and speak with someone who is familiar with your case without playing phone tag. We understand the importance of actively communicating with our clients. When our clients have questions, we provide answers . . . without frustrating delays. We invite you to call us today to discuss how we may be of service to you for any family law, divorce, criminal defense, or personal injury matter.

OUR EXPERIENCE – “we know what it takes”
You can be confident your attorney at our Law Offices will provide a blend of unparalleled litigation experience combined with a relentless pursuit to protect your rights. The attorneys have served as Police Officers as well as in court they’ve fulfilled duties as Prosecutors and Judge Pro Tem. There is no other law firm more capable of meeting your needs.

EMPOWERING DECISIONS – “guidance and leadership”
While we work for you there will be occasions when you will be required to make various decisions. Your attorney will prepare you to make all decisions that may impact you for the balance of your life. Through incisive counsel you will benefit from comprehensive recommendations with a vigorous fight on your behalf while in or out of court. Our attorneys will work for you relentlessly regardless of your decision to choose a resolution through litigation or non-litigious. accident injury attorneys

TRIAL SUCCESS – “defending and protecting”
Facing a trial can be a daunting ordeal. Your attorney will be confident and best prepared to face the rigorous scrutiny a trial creates. Our team consistently meet the needs of all clients involved in a trial. Actually their history of success has impacted the potential outcome of cases even prior to the commencement of the trial.

WE WORK FOR YOU – “meeting your needs”
Each person has unique needs and not all situations create the same outcomes. Your attorney will create a strategy that best fits your individual circumstances while presenting to you comprehensive options for resolution.

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