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Register description and overview

Register is a cash register. Mainly refers to equipment that receives payment from customers at supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, restaurants, etc. and hands changes, etc. Also, it is also called register, short for register. Outside the cash register, the outlet for air conditioning and ventilation is also called a register and it is used to adjust the air volume. Speaking of traditional registers, there are many things that can not be done more than centered on sales performance actualization, content analysis, and change management, but the latest registers have high affinity with the Internet, high Functional products are now available at low cost. Particularly convenient is the fact that the results of sales results etc. can be easily imported to the personal computer via the net, many of which are additionally equipped with the operation function of credit settlement, it is possible to consolidate accounting processing into one high-performance register It became it. Let’s try to improve store management efficiency by introducing highly functional register.

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