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Nail design pattern

Nail design patterns : Manicure usually includes the design of the nails, cuticle treatment, hand massage and polishing and giving a high gloss finish on the nails. Professionally maintained nails look neat and attractive. Nail art is an artistic process that involves special care of the nails. The nails can later be decorated with motifs and colors that can range from simple and abstract prints to sparkling glass. The nail is the canvas on which people also use fragile dried flowers or even smiley stickers or diamonds.

A nail designer uses various techniques to achieve the desired effect. Acrylic nails stuck on the nails to lengthen. This works best for people who do not have long nails or lined nails. The nails can be polished and polished with any color to give a natural look. Nail art is an imaginative process and people can paint their nails or stick various gemstones or water based adhesives.

Hand painted nail art includes painting of innovative design on the nails. Sharp brushes are used to paint the subtleties. People apply several layers of plain nail polish. Then use a toothpick to make stripes or patterns. If the paint is partially dry, people will fix hearts or stars on them. Airbrushing involves the use of an air pistol that goes a fine spray. Bride nail art involves delicate patterns and designs, on a French manicure.

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