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Nail design instruction

Increasing popularity Gel nails have received many universal attempts to prove themselves. Gel nail styles have been so exotic and diverse that definitely attracts many to beautify your nails with the new trend of fashion gel.

If you are looking to enhance their beauty through nail-gel nails by making it yourself, it is important to understand its application to prevent damage to the nails. The hottest segment in the beauty of nails, gel nails are still fully understood and applied properly. Gel is not to be confused with acrylic. Although the gel and acrylic are both acrylic and are made with the same type of acrylic, they differ in their application. This is mainly because both are manufactured using different methods of treatment techniques, molecular structures etc.

Here are some basic pointers that will guide you in the proper application and professional gel nails, with no shortcuts here.

1) First, if you have a natural glow in your nails, then polish off your nails. Once done, apply a coat of primer and let it dry completely.

2) Take the gel brush and gel on your nail, brushing a thin layer from your cuticle to the tip of the nail. The application of the movement should be similar to the application of nail polish. Make sure that the bristles do not come during the application of the gel. If they do that, it means that they avoid too much pressure.

3) Once the gel is brushed on the nails, place your hands under UV light for one to three minutes to completely dry the gel.

4) Now brush on another layer of nail gel, as explained in Chapter 2, but make sure to spread a drop of the gel on your nail and then slowly over the entire nail.

5) Once again put your hands under UV light to dry the gel.

6) Perform the procedure again for the third time. This time, the gel was also extended to consistency gel. Again, put your hands under the UV light to dry.

7) Once the gel is completely dry, hand your nails into the desired shape.
In applying the gel nails make sure that the gel does not come into contact with the skin, as this will cause your nails to pick up at a later date. In addition, the gel was not used in excess since it causes the air bubbles to be formed or cause uneven exposure.

The application of gel nails may be very simple, but it is not when it comes to doing it yourself. Therefore, it is recommended that you do gel nails by a nail professional artist or a beauty salon that specializes in it and be able to do it the right way.

Once you feel comfortable with it and you are sure to do it yourself, done by a specialist, you can try it next time.

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