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Nail art pictures

There are a lot of patterns that can be performed on the nails on hands and feet and one of the forms of nail art that has recently gathered many takers is the polymer clay nail art.

In this form of nail art, polymer clay is used in the form of thin slices. Available in different sizes, colors and designs, these chips or slices are soft and delicate and can be used to decorate the nails. The polymer rods were cut with a razor blade so that the disks can be made perfect.

Creating designs with polymer clay art is not easy. Creative designs are hard to make and require professional designers to do them. However, it can also be easier if he tried to take a look at some of the photos online. The designs can range from simple hearts to detailed fruits and vegetables. The nails when they look in with the help of colors and brush embedded designs look great and the beauty of the hands continues to improve.

You can create some funky designs on your nails and use the polymer clay canes, more elegance to add to them. There are many unique designs in polymer clay art canes ranging from simple flowers and hearts to animal, butterfly wings, bee, dragonfly, cat, cake and much more will delight you with stripes.

It is important that your nails are correct before you start with nail art . Acrylic nails can also be used if you have long nails. You can use these designer polymer clay canes on these acrylic nails. You can also make a new look to make your nails with nail art by designs, the intelligent use of dried flowers, ceramic animals, rhinestones and other accessories such as pendants. Fit your nail art design with your dress and look stunning.

You can buy a large acrylic or ceramic flower and apply it on your nails to create exclusive designs. Your nails look nice and pretty and everyone just keeps watching the incredible artwork created on your own.

Colors, combined with small stickers and polymer clay cane slices give a stunning look and the hands and feet have become a unique way of highlighting nails today. Make sure you have a primer applied before you start making any designs on your nails. You can create both simple and complex geometric designs with all these accessories. Floral patterns look good when you sign up for a formal party. If you go to a birthday party of a friend’s club, try some funky designs.

To create basic designs with polymer clay cane slices, you do not have to be an expert. All you need to know is how to get the best combination of colors and how to put the accessories together so they will not fall off. Try this new and exciting polymer clay nail art on your nails and a few pretty looks from everyone. Make sure that you buy your nail art supplies from the famous online stores to get the best quality, variety and price.

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