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Nail art french

Be Ice Goddess with this beautiful set of French manicure. At this time, you will see three different differences.

The first difference is the use of colors. While the French manicure presents a natural look, our winter blues look good, blue. A sea blue is used as a base and a cotton candy blue from the top of the nail. Find cotton candy color may be more difficult, but you can always make a baby blue.

The second difference is the line that divides the nail tip from the nail. A French manicure line is usually silver, if any line is ever used. To achieve this look simply nail design, you can use a nail art brush or even try to shine silver blue. If you are blue, draw a white line first, and then go over it with the blue glow. Otherwise, the blue glitter will not show blue against the color of the nail polish.

The last difference is the angle of the line of brightness. A French manicure has a straight or slightly bent to the same line. This line is significantly angled. The angle occurs on the left side of the nail. I would suggest drawing the line angled before doing anything else. Then fill the sea blue. And then the baby blue for the nail tip. Thus, the dye ends up being aligned with the rest of the drawing.

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