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Let’s attract attention by setting up “rising”

Speaking of easy things to promote shops for shops and other stores, it rises. It is a flag. It is expensive to make only one sheet, but it will be cheaper if the number of sheets increases. I would like to make it as a spare part only for things that will do my best in a sunny place all day. It is convenient when doing an event etc. in a temporary place. Just to be careful, the climbing will be more conspicuous in many cases, but at that time you need to be careful not to touch passers-by, fall down and injure. You can not always watch, so do not get blown away by gusts or fall. It is conspicuous, the first thing that does not cause inconvenience. Taking into consideration that the children are stuck together and staying together. When I worked at a real estate company, there was a task of always setting up climbing before the store as one of the turning work. Of course there was also work to clean up it at the time of closing. Although it is fine sunny day, it is raining, windy day. I feel bad about placing the climbs even when put in the store. Because I just put it inside the store, I often stay still wet next day. That was a nuisance.

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