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Deflation and apartment management

The price of goods has been gradually decreasing due to the recession and deflation for many years now, which is now Japan where salary is also decreasing, but that is also affecting apartment management as a matter of course. It is said that it is said that it is said that it is hard to get into the real estate agent now because there is no way to enter the real estate shop with the attitude that it is possible to come out to the tenants. So it is the current situation that complaints can not be said even if discount negotiation is done directly from residents. Apartment management is tough. I would like to do apartment management. If there is land I want to investigate the facilities around the land, find out what kind of people live and build a condominium. It would also be nice to buy an apartment and do apartment management. Since facilities are prepared by buying it, if not arranging further parts, will not it come closer to the apartment desired by the tenant? Anyway, I would like to do apartment management.

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