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Can Attorneys be a Legal Dream Team

Can Attorneys be a Legal Dream Team

What is a legal “dream” team? Simply put, a legal dream team is a group of attorneys and related professionals who typically achieve positive results for their clients. Who, in other words, maximize the chance that the client will settle or finish his or her case successfully.personal injury attor eys

At the our Law Office we’ve assembled a dream team of attorneys and medical consultants who handle legal cases involving medical malpractice, automobile accident, personal injury, wrongful death, and all other forms of negligence.

Are You A Victim Of Medical Malpractice, A Car Accident Or Other Personal Injury?

If so, our Attorneys and their highly experienced team of personal injury attorneys and medical consultants stands ready to help you evaluate and, if justified, file your case.

In car accident cases, for example, prompt evaluation by our medical team may be crucial in meeting the minimum “no-fault” statutory requirements for filing a lawsuit. Similarly, our medical experts assist us in determining if accepted medical standards were followed in medical malpractice cases, while in product liability, and wrongful death cases they help assess the amount of pain, suffering sustained by the victim.

Not All Lawyers Are Created Equal (Some Become Judges)

One of the most prominent members of our legal team is highly regarded former State Supreme Court Judge Herbert A. Posner (Ret.).

A CPA, as well as a practicing private attorney, a former state assemblyman, and a judge for 26 years, former Judge Posner (Ret.) has represented litigants in, or presided over, virtually every type of case. This background, as well as his vast knowledge of personal injury, wrongful death, negligence and medical malpractice lawsuits, renders him ideally suited for his role “of counsel” our Attorneys.

Depending on the complexity and nature of your case, our attorney who will be personally serving as your lawyer of record (your lead lawyer, in other words), may ask former Judge Posner (Ret.) to use his decades of experience to help prepare your legal action.

National legal Reach

Not all personal injury attorneys can effectively represent you if prosecuting your case involves eliciting evidence from a company or a witness who resides in another state or even in a foreign country. At the N.Y. Law Offices of Fred L. Abrams, we have however had the experience of working not only with a number of attorneys throughout the U.S. but also with advocates in: Israel; Switzerland; and the Netherlands. We can likely help if, (in order to fully prosecute your case), there is ever a need to collect evidence or information from a witness outside of our state or in a different state that we are licensed to represent in. accident injury attorney

What You Can Expect From Our Law Office

At our Law Offices, you can more then just file a case. You are a unique human being, entitled to be treated with personal consideration and courtesy. Entitled to have your questions answered fully and frankly and your phone calls returned promptly. To have the details and records of your medical-malpractice, car accident, wrongful death, or personal injury case treated with utmost confidentiality. To be completely and ethically informed about fees and other issues.

Most of all, you are entitled to the services of a licensed attorney capable of handling your legal matter competently and diligently, in accordance with the highest standards of the profession. A lawyer who has significant experience in pursuing your type of claim.

To get the representation you deserve, please contact us directly at our law office.

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